DIY Patterns

Step-by-step guides

I created patterns to share my passion for embroidery, and help you practice it yourself. My guides are detailed and contain all you need to know to complete your project.

You will find in the PDF files:

  • The printable version of the pattern
  • Detail of recommended materials
  • How to transfer the design onto fabric
  • Color guide
  • Detailed step-by-step stitching guide, with diagrams for each stitch used
  • How to back your hoop
  • All my tips and tricks to help you during all the steps

This is all you need to make your project from start to the end. And of course, I’m always happy to help you with anything, and I always reply to your questions by email.

Choose your favorite design

My step-by-step detailed guides are suitable for everyone, but the intermediate designs are a bit more challenging than the beginners ones. They just require a bit more patience and preciseness.



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